Helpless Dancer

The Endless Note

Fiona Lawrie


25th MARCH 1959 – 31st DECEMBER 2008


“I Think Of You” – Frank Sinatra


In the hush of evening
As shadows steal across my lonely room
I think of you
I think of you
From afar the music
Of violins come softly through the gloom
All I can do
Is think of you
O I can see you standing there before me
And I can hear you whisper
You adore me
So when dusk is falling
I live again the loveliness we knew
I think of you
I think of you

“I’ll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her” – Frank Sinatra

I’ll only miss her, when I think of her
And I’ll think of her, all the time
Likely I’ll spend my days – hearing her turn of phrase
Things I found hard to praise – right now, would seem sublime

The truth is…

I’ll Only miss her, when some stranger laughs
‘Cause it’s still her laugh – my hearts hears
Maybe in time – I guess, the longing will grow, the slightest bit less
And there will be moments – yes – when it disappears

I’ll bet I’ll forget her completely – in about a hundred years

“With Every Breath I Take” – Frank Sinatra

I think of you with every breath I take,
With every breeze that wanders by.
And your name is a song
I’ll remember the long years through.

I breathe your name with every breath I take,
And every breath becomes a sigh.
Not a sigh of despair
But a sigh that I’ll always care.

Even though you’re far away you guide me,
In the darkness you light my way.
And all the while inside me,
Love seems to say, “some day, some day”.

And when I sleep you keep my heart awake,
And when I wake from dreams divine,
Every breath that I take, is a prayer that I’ll make you mine.

God Bless

Love Gilbey


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Jimi Hendrix – The Lost Weekend

A film of Jimi Hendrix‘s infamous ‘lost weekend’ is set to go into production.

Called ‘Slide’, the film is about events in September 1969, when he was apparently the subject of a hoax kidnapping, orchestrated by his manager.

“While we have to be speculative because no definitive version of the event exists, this takes it out of the realm of fiction for me,” writer and director RH Greene told

“It’s part of Jimi‘s story, and I think it offers an opportunity to show him fully but from a unique angle. That was my aim in writing it, and that’s going to be my aim in making it.”

The casting process for the film is currently underway, with production scheduled to start early next year.

Meanwhile, live recordings from Hendrix’s 1967 and 1968 shows in Paris and Ottawa are being released on January 25.

Latest music and film news on

“Manic Depression” – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Manic depression is touching my soul
I know what I want but I just dont know
How to, go about gettin it
Feeling sweet feeling,
Drops from my fingers, fingers
Manic depression is catchin my soul

Woman so weary, the sweet cause in vain
You make love, you break love
Its all the same
When its, when its over, mama
Music, sweet music
I wish I could caress, caress, caress
Manic depression is a frustrating mess

Well, I think Ill go turn myself off,
And go on down
All the way down
Really aint no use in me hanging around
In your kinda scene

Music, sweet music
I wish I could caress, in a kiss, kiss
Manic depression is a frustrating mess

To buy the music of Jimi Hendrix click HERE

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Memories Of You

“Memories Of You” – Frank Sinatra

Waking skies – at sunrise
Every sunset too
Seems to be – bringing me
Memories of you

Here and there – every where
Scenes that we once knew
And they all – just recall
Memories of you

(Oh) How I wish I could forget those, (those) happy yesteryears
That have left a rosary of tears

Your face beams – in my dreams
(In) Spite of all (that) I do
(And) Everything – seems to bring
Memories of you

“Beyond Love” – Paul Haig & Billy MacKenzie

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The above picture was captured on my iPhone whilst out a walk with the dog up North Mains, Houston, yesterday morning.

The night before I had been watching the re-run on the box of the “Second Coming” drama and this sort of reminded me of the scene in the drama where Main Road is bathed in daylight whilst all around was in darkness.

Those of you who know me will be aware that darkness will feature heavily in my life over the next few days, hopefully my postings will not be too heavy.

“Beacon In The Darkness” – Gruff Rhys

Lighten up the dark avenues with golden glow worms,
Raindrops fill my eyes,
Tears falling, Puddles form.
And with a pocket full of Asprin,
I gather up my every day,
As the target for assassin disappears and blows away.
For you are the beacon in the darkness,
You shine, the shining light at night.

People in the way,
different times that we were playing,
Kept it all inside;
Growing like a big balloon.
As if we lived in different planets,
Of parallels that pull away,
And the breathing apparatus is out of date, and in decay.

Still, you are the Beacon in the darkness.
You shine the shining light at night
And you solve the mysteries of illusion
For you are the puzzle as complete.

Gather up the board games that we played when we were young,
With father, mother, brother, sister, daugter in the sun.

For you are the beacon in the darkness
You shine the shining light at night
And you solve the mysteries of illusion
For you are the puzzle as complete.

To buy the music of Gruff Rhys click HERE

Gruffydd Maredudd Bowen Rhys (Welsh pronunciation: [ˈɡrɨf ˈr̥ɨːs]; born 18 July 1970 in Haverfordwest) is a Welsh musician, performing solo and with several bands, including the Super Furry Animals who obtained mainstream success in the 1990s.

He also most recently formed the electro-pop outfit Neon Neon with DJ Boom Bip. Their album Stainless Style was nominated for the 2008 Nationwide Mercury Prize

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The Runaways

The Runaways were an American all-girl teenage rock band that performed in the 1970s. The band is best known for the songs “Cherry Bomb”, “Queens of Noise”, “Rock n Roll”, “Neon Angels (On the Road to Ruin)”, and “Born to Be Bad”. The career of the band was short (1975–1979).

Despite the short term nature of their existance they were highly influential in opening the door for the subsequent procession of female musicians who wanted to write, play live and be taken seriously.

Next year sees the arrival of a biography movie based on the 1970s all-girl rock band.

The film was written and directed by Floria Sigismondi, and stars Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett, Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie, Stella Maeve as Sandy West, Scout Taylor-Compton as Lita Ford, and Michael Shannon as Kim Fowley. Alia Shawkat plays the band’s bassist, a fictional character named Robin.

The film is loosely based on lead-singer Cherie Currie’s 1989 autobiography Neon Angel: The Cherie Currie Story which details her fractured childhood, the group’s meteoric rise to fame, and her subsequent battle and recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The film covers the formation of the band through to Cherie’s departure at the peak of their success.

Former lead guitarist Lita Ford and former bassist Jackie Fox were not involved in the making of the film.

The film will have its world premiere at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival on January 24th, and be released in select North American theatres on March 19, 2010.

Here is the trailer.

For more information on The Runaways click HERE

“Cherry Bomb” – The Runaways

“Queens Of Noise” – The Runaways

“American Nights” – The Runaways

“School Days” – The Runaways

To buy the music of The Runaways click HERE

This clip is from 1977 just around the time I saw them at the Glasgow Apollo albeit after Cherie Currie had left

Finally some archive footage shot in their biggest market Japan

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On a bit of a Maggie Bell roll at the moment so this John Prine cover seems to fit that post Christmas vibe.

“Souvenirs” – Maggie Bell

All the snow has turned to water,
Christmas days have come and gone.
Broken toys and faded colours are all that’s left to linger on.
I hate graveyards and old oawn shops,
For they always bring me tears.
I can’t forgive the way they robbed me of my childhood souvenirs.

Memories, they can’t be boughten.
They can’t be won at carnivals for free.
Well it took me years to get those souvenirs,
And i don’t know how they slipped away from me.

Broken hearts and dirty windows
Make life difficult to see.
That’s why last night and this morning
Always look the same to me.
And I hate reading old love letters
For they always bring me tears.
I can’t forget the way they robbed me,
Of my sweetheart’s souvenirs.

Memories they can’t be boughten,
They can’t be won at carnivals for free.
Well it took me years to get those souvenirs
And i don’t know how they slipped away from me.

To buy the music of Maggie Bell click HERE

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Minstrels, Poets & Vagabonds

My sister-in-law Jane bought me the above book as part of my Christmas (last year it was The Beatles In Scotland) and as usual she has again displayed her good taste.

I finished the book over two sessions and really enjoyed the early Chapters which concentrated on the Glasgow music scene from the 60’s to the 80’s.

Here is the author Robert Field’s view on his aims for the book:-

“I’ve tried to remain loyal to my genre as im a Rocker and I feel that this scene has been (and I can exclusively reveal) totally ignored in most parts by the mainstream media over the past 50 years .And so not in this book will you find the magnificent pop rock meanderings of Slide because in allowing that then the floodgates would surely open and coming rushing through would be the likes of Texas, Del Amitri, The Silencers, K.M.O., Simple Minds andTravis etc all fine bands in their own right and as fellow Glaswegians earning a crust in the very fraught arena of the music business they have my 100% respect but their end product is NOT what this book is about nor did I want to go down the indie rock route. I couldn’t open the door for the likes of Glasvegas and Mogwai or I would have to include bands like Primal Scream, Jesus and the Mary-chain, The Fratellis, Ac-Acoustics, Murmur, Kit Cumming’s fantastic Said Florance, The Vaseline’s, Captain America, Teenage Fan Club, Bmx Bandits, Mickey Rooney’s mega Primevals, The Gyres etc.

Nor did I try and adopt any band or artiste which has been the case from the early seventies with the likes of Rod Stewart(have you heard him talk!!! Nuff said) and a craze that has carried on to this day with the likes of Snow Patrol and Franz Ferdinand all at some point featuring in various Scottish/Glasgow charts and polls when their Scottish/Glasgow links are very tentative to say the least.

When setting out the plan for this book I thought it would be cool to have a cd of free downloads for the reader to enhance their journey through the five decades and on putting pen to paper I ended up with a Six cd with 115 track historical artefact listening post which in my wee u’mble opinion is quite unique and superb so get the kettle on and download your listening post “Are you sitting comfortably?” then let the journey begin…………….Xmas comes early kiddies.”

Many a memory was rekindled as venues such as the Burns Howff, the Amphora, the Mars Bar, Rock Gardens, Glasgow Tech’s Bubble, QMU, His Nibs, Shuffles, The Maggie, Tiffany’s and even The Griffen lept from the pages like they had never been away.

The book is biased towards mainstream rock (the author being first and foremost a fan and friend of Uriah Heep) and dwells on many of the 60’s and 70’s legends such as The Beatstalkers, The Poets, Frankie Miller, Stone The Crows, Alex Harvey and in particular the career of Jimmy Dewar.

However the majority of the book features a host of local bands through the ages from Cochise through Glasgow (who’s bus I rember used to sit behind The Cutty sark in Dumbarton when they played there to the legend that is Big George and The Business and Peter Goes To Partick.

Essential reading for anyone who spent time up the city listening and drinking to the sounds of Glasgow.

“St Louis Blues” – The Beatstalkers

You couldn’t make this story up and, what’s amazing is, it’s all true. Every word. Formed in Glasgow in the early 60’s, The Beatstalkers quickly rose to become Scotland’s best known beat group. Totally adored by their hoards of fans, the group, quite literally, caused riots in their home town. Signed to Decca Records, and eventually to CBS Records, what other band can claim to have had songs written for them by David Bowie. Yip, you read it right, THE David Bowie – who was then a young struggling singer/songwriter. Performing on the famous T.V. Pop Show, ‘Ready Steady Go’ and appearances at the Marquee Club, the band eventually called it a day when their van was stolen and every piece of equipment that they had built up over a ten year period was taken. But… The story is not yet over. Thirty plus years later the band have now re-formed, played a sell-out gig at the Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom and have released both a ‘Best of’ Album and a live DVD of the Barrowland gig.

“I’m Ready” – Frankie Miller

The above track is from Frankie’s 1973 debut album “Once In A Blue Moon” on which his backing band was Brinsley Schwarz who featured Nick Lowe on bass.

“The Touch Of Your Loving Hand” – Stone The Crows

The above is a Jimmy Dewar/Les Harvey (brother of Alex) composition from The Crow’s self titled 1970 album.

“Twice Removed From Yesterday” _ Robin Trower

Robin Trower and Frankie Miller got it together for awhile but never delivered songs in the studio (though their composition This Love Of Mine features on Frankie’s Full House album) instead Trower went down the power trio route like The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream with Jimmy Dewar on board as bass, singer and writer and what a voice.

“Midnight Moses” – The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Need I say more……………….I had the privilage of seeing SAHB support The Who at Celtic Park back in June 1976 it is said that the SAHB Christmas concerts in 1975 at the Apollo was the pinnicale of their career if so Iwould have loved to have been there.

If you don’t have the music of the above artists then get it SORTED NOW!

If you do then dig it out dust it down and go back in time.

To buy the book click HERE

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Roger Daltrey

The latest in a series of “co-incidences” sees Roger Daltrey appearing live on Jools Holland’s forthcoming Hootenanny on 31st December.

This first live solo UK television apprearance in decades by Fiona’s favourite singer co-incides with the first anniversary of her passing and rounds of a year of numerous similar incidents.

“Without Your Love” – Roger Daltrey

You can show me the way
Give me a sunny day
But what does it mean
Without your love

And if I could travel far
If I could touch the stars
Where would I be
Without your love

Whenever I get to feeling
Down and out
I think about what you said
And then I’d give out

And if I could fly away
If I could sail today
Where would I go
Without your love

You can show me the way
And give me a sunny day
But what does it mean
Without your love

And if I could travel far
If I could touch the stars
Where would I be
Without your love

And if I ever wonder away
Too far
You’d come looking for me with
Open arms

I could forget my home
Be like a rolling stone
But who would I be
Without your love

And what does it mean
Without your love
Where would I be?

To buy the music of Roger Daltrey click HERE

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A Merry & Peaceful Christmas To You All

May all your days be peaceful


“Silent Night” – Sinead O’Connor

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Christmas Eve Video Feast


Memory Lane here we come…………………

Finally something new from Blondie

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