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born to boogie

"The Day That Pop Came Back"

The 70’s answer to Beatlemania was without doubt Marc Bolan though his boast that “we’ve done in a year what took The Beatles four years” was more ego than fact but let’s not let that spoil a good story.

marc bolan

With his transformation from being a mod through a folkie phase with the original Tyrannosaurus Rex to pop stardom with the re-formatted and re-named T-Rex complete it was no surprise that Ringo Starr, then Managing Director of Apple Films Ltd put forward a film  proposal to him in 1972.

It was agreed that the film should be built around two live concerts to be performed at The Empire Pool, Wembley on 18th March 1972.

The shows were recorded by Tony Visconti on The Rolling Stones Mobile Studio.

Between the opening “Cadillac” and closing cover of Eddie Cochran’s “Summertime Blues” were all the glam hits

plus three acoustic numbers reflecting his continual love of his musical history.

“Spaceball Ricochet” – T-Rex

In order to make the film more than just a record of the concerts additional sketch material was filmed together with an Apple Records basement jam  which included Elton John and Ringo Starr.

“Children Of The Revolution” – T-Rex with Elton John and Ringo Starr

The film was premiered on 14th December 1972 and for many years the film was presumed lost then come 2003 272 cans of footage were located in a warehouse near Heathrow and with Ringo Starr’s approval Sanctuary Films carried out extensive restoration work from which the 2005 double CD and double DVD sets were sourced.

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