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“Drunken Nights In The City” – Frankie Miller


To buy the music of Frankie Miller click HERE

Here is a bonus, Frankie with Rory Gallagher


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  1. I know people who knew Frankie in his heyday.

    There is a fund of stories revolving around his drunkenness and one that was told to me was that he had been at an all weekend party and announced that he had a meeting with his record company “on Monday”.

    “It is Monday” said one of the other revellers. “What time?” said the bold Frankie.

    Turned out it was only half eight and Frankie’s meeting was at 4pm. The assembled remaining partygoers helped him get ready and put him in a taxi for Glasgow Central. The party host stuffed a nearly full bottle of vodka into Frankie’s coat pocket. Unknown to him another guest had stuffed an unopened half bottle into the other pocket. All was well and Frankie made the appointment. The party host, Ronnie got a phone call that night “Hey Ronnie, thanks for getting me to London on time. I drank that bottle and a half on the train on the way down – magic – ta!”

    *Footnote – According to Ronnie, Frankie was already several sheets to the wind BEFORE boarding the train and therefore before discovering his coat’s contents!

    Comment by bigrab | October 25, 2009 | Reply

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