Helpless Dancer

The Endless Note

Gonna Make You A Star

“Gonna Make You A Star” – David Essex

david essex then

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Beat This!

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Nuggets #5 – The Big Hits

nuggets box set

Two big hits, well in my world of music at least appear on the extended box set.

the kingsmen

First up are 

The Kingsmen are a 1960s garage rock / frat rock band from Portland, Oregon. They are best known for their 1963 recording of Richard Berry‘s “Louie Louie“, which held the #2 spot on the Billboard charts for six weeks. The single has become an enduring mod classic.

The band attracted nationwide attention when “Louie Louie” was banned by the governor of Indiana, Matthew E. Welsh, and attracted the attention of the FBI because of alleged indecent lyrics in the Kingsmen’s version of the song. The lyrics were, in fact, innocuous, but Ely’s baffling enunciation permitted teenage fans and concerned parents alike to imagine the most scandalous obscenities.

It has been said that this cover version exemplifies the perfection of imperfection.

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sam the sham

Next up are Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs with “Wooly Bully” recognised as one of the all time great dance stompers and was instrumental in breaking the UK dominance of the US Charts in 1964.

“Wooly Bully” – Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs

Sam the Sham is the stage name of rock ‘n’ roll singer Domingo “Sam” Samudio from Dallas, Texas, USA. Sam the Sham was later known for camp robe and turban (inspiring Norton Records‘ 1994 Turban Renewal) and hauling his equipment in a 1952 Packard hearse with maroon velvet curtains. As the front man for the Pharaohs, he sang on a half dozen Top 40 hits in the mid-1960s, notably “Wooly Bully“.

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Here are latter day Nine Below Zero with a live version

Finally……………………”I Want Candy”


“I Want Candy” – The Strangeloves

The Strangeloves were the creation of an American songwriting/production team in the 1960s who were from New York but pretended to be from Australia. Their biggest hits were “I Want Candy,” “Cara-Lin” and “Night Time”.

Bob Feldman, Jerry Goldstein and Richard Gottehrer(FGG Productions) had already scored big hits for other artists, including “My Boyfriend’s Back” by The Angels, when they decided to invent The Strangeloves.

According to the press releases, The Strangeloves were three brothersnamed Giles, Miles and Niles Strange who had grown up on an Australian sheep farm. The brothers’ faked backstory involved getting rich with the invention of a new form of sheep crossbreeding (the long-haired “Gottehrer” sheep, allegedly registered with the Feldman-Goldstein Company of Australia), allowing them the time and financial freedom to form a band. The story did not exactly capture the public’s imagination, but the music still performed respectably on the charts.

When “I Want Candy” became a hit single in mid-1965, the producers found themselves in the unfamiliar and uncomfortable position of performing as live artists. This short-lived experience was followed by a road group composed of four of the studio musicians who had actually recorded these songs. The musicians in the initial road group were bass player / vocalist John Shine, guitarist Jack Raczka, drummer Tom Kobus and sax player / vocalist Richie Lauro. This group was replaced in early 1966 by a trio of FGG studio musicians that more closely adhered to the founding concept of the Brothers Strange: guitarist Jack Raczka (Giles Strange), drummer / vocalist Joe Piazza (Miles Strange), and keyboardist / vocalist Ken Jones (Niles Strange).

While on the road in Ohio in 1965 as The Strangeloves, Feldman, Goldstein and Gottehrer came upon a local band known as Ricky Z and the Raiders, led by Rick Derringer(who was Rick Zehringer at the time). Recognizing their raw talent, the producers immediately brought Rick and his band to New York, recorded Rick’s voice over the existing music track from The Strangeloves’ album I Want Candyand released “Hang on Sloopy” as a single under the name The McCoys

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Here is the Bow Wow Wow cover

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