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Watched Grosse Point Blank last night, had intended to watch it at some point on Saturday past  but was out voted!!

Anyway it remains one of my favourite films, not surprising given that John Cusack is a favourite actor of mine and that it has a superb soundtrack.

The score for Grosse Pointe Blank was composed by Joe Strummer, formerly of The Clash, and includes two songs from The Clash, “Rudie Can’t Fail” (from the album London Calling) and their cover version of Willi Williams‘ “Armagideon Time”.

In addition to The Clash, the tracks featured are a mix of popular 1980s punk rock, ska and New Wave from such bands as Violent Femmes, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Specials, The Jam, The Cure, Siouxsie & the Banshees and a-ha.

The soundtrack album reached No. 31 on the Billboard 200 chart, prompting the release of a second volume of songs from the film.

While most songs played throughout the movie, and even more specifically the reunion, are true to the period of the students’ graduation (circa 1986), several songs are contemporary:

Several songs in the film are not featured on the soundtrack albums.

Track listing

 Volume 1

  1. Blister in the Sun” (Violent Femmes) – 2:08
  2. “Rudie Can’t Fail” (The Clash) – 3:31
  3. “Mirror In The Bathroom” (English Beat) – 3:09
  4. Under Pressure” (David Bowie and Queen) – 4:03
  5. I Can See Clearly Now” (Johnny Nash) – 2:46
  6. Live and Let Die” (Guns N’ Roses) – 3:02
  7. We Care a Lot” (Faith No More) – 4:03
  8. Pressure Drop” (The Specials) – 4:18
  9. “Absolute Beginners” (The Jam) – 2:50
  10. “Armagideon Time” (The Clash) – 3:53
  11. El Matador” (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs) – 4:34
  12. Let My Love Open the Door (E. Cola Mix)” (Pete Townshend) – 4:58
  13. “Blister 2000” (Violent Femmes) – 2:58

Volume 2

  1. “A Message to You, Rudy” (The Specials) – 2:53
  2. Cities in Dust” (Siouxsie & the Banshees) – 3:49
  3. The Killing Moon” (Echo & the Bunnymen) – 5:44
  4. Monkey Gone to Heaven” (Pixies) – 2:56
  5. “Lorca’s Novena” (The Pogues) – 4:35
  6. “Go!” (Tones on Tail) – 2:32
  7. “Let it Whip” (Dazz Band) – 4:24
  8. “The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight” (Dominatrix) – 3:40
  9. “War Cry” (Joe Strummer) – 5:58
  10. White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It)” (Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel) – 7:24
  11. Take on Me” (a-ha) – 3:46
  12. “You’re Wondering Now” (The Specials) – 2:37
  13. “99 Luftballons” (Nena)-3:52

The brilliant Pete Townshend song “Let My Love Open The Door”was used in the film albeit with a totally different mix from the original Townshend album, “Empty Glass” mix.

To buy the music of Pete Townshend click HERE

To buy Grosse Point Blank click HERE

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Nuggets #4 – From Small Acorns…..


The original double album featured some artists who would go on to revel in the 70’s and beyond if in a somewhat different guise.

First up is a version of the Big Joe Williams song “Baby Please Don’t Go” released by Them with Van Morrison in 1964 this version is by The Amboy Dukes and was their debut single released in 1967.

“Baby Please Don’t Go” – The Amboy Dukes


The Amboy Dukes of course numbered Ted Nugent amongst their membership, Nugent dropped the”Amboy Dukes” moniker in 1975 and established himself as a role model for the typical “heavy metal” guitarist………doubt though if he bettered this debut single.


Next up is Nazz 

Nazz was marketed by their manager, Michael Friedman, as a teenybopper band along the lines of The Beatles or The Monkees. The group signed with SGC Records, releasing Nazzin October 1968. The album was not commercially successful and neither was the first single, “Open My Eyes” of which the flip side was “Hello It’s Me” (#41 Canada) except in Boston. “Open My Eyes” was the side SGC Records was promoting, but accidentally the flip side was played at the home of Boston”s WMEX Music Director and DJ Ron Robin. He was impressed and added it to the station’s playlist. Reaction was strong and “Hello It’s Me” became a number one hit at WMEX in 1968. Several weeks later it was on the playlist of Boston’s other Top 40 radio station WRKO and eventually at other stations across the country. SGC Records presented Ron Robin with a Silver Record which reads “WMEX, Where it All Began. Thanks!”.

Here is “Open My Eyes” which appeared on Nuggets.

The driving force of Nazz was of course Todd Rundgren who went on to achieve worldwide success as a songwriter, performer and producer, we will even forgive him for producing “Bat Out Of Hell”

The expanded box set adds more rags to riches stories courtesy of the now very non “PC” The Golliwogs

“Fight Fire” – The Golliwogs

Now if you listen carefully you will hear the early development of a unique sound which would rise to great things in the hands of Tom and John Fogerty’s next band Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Warren Zevon

last but by no means least is the late great Warren Zevon who back in 1966 was the Lyme in Lyme & Cybelle who although short lived stayed around long enough to have this minor hit

“Follow Me” – Lyme & Sybelle


To buy Nuggets click HERE

To buy the music of Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes click HERE

To buy the music of Todd Rundgren and Nazz click HERE

To buy the music of Creedence Clearwater Revival click HERE

To buy the music of Warren Zevon click HERE

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