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the cry of love

Spent some time on Sunday at a good old “Record Fair” now known as a “Music Fair”.

I am rediscovering my love of the old vinyl album and a such this was agreat way of replacing my long lost stock and with “6 Lp’s for £10” deals on the go I managed to get a fair amount for the money I was willing to spend.

record fair

One album I picked up was  “The Cry Of Love” by Jimi Hendrix.

This album, in effect his fourth studio release, was released after his death.

The pairing of The Cry of Love with Rainbow Bridge comprises the bulk of the most complete tracks that Hendrix was intending to release on his next (double) LP, First Rays of the New Rising Sun. All songs on the album were written by Hendrix and recorded from late 1969 to summer 1970, except surprise addition “My Friend“. ‘Gers’ plays harp on “My Friend“. Mitchell and Kramer’s involvement gave the album credibility, and it was well received by fans and critics alike. The album managed to reach #3 in the U.S. and #2 in the UK, and was regarded as the most accurate approximation of Hendrix’s final album until First Rays of the New Rising Sun was released in 1997. “Freedom” b/w “Angel” was released as a single in the U.S., but only reached #59. In the UK, “Angel” b/w “Night Bird Flying” was the single released, though it did not manage to enter the charts. All of the songs from The Cry of Love are featured on the 1997 compilation First Rays of the New Rising Sun.

The song “My Friend” was recorded during the early stages of the Electric Ladyland sessions in 1968. It is a humorously delivered, but ultimately serious, song about loneliness. It features a dubbed background of Hendrix and friends creating a busy bar atmosphere. This dubbed audience idea also ended up being used in the 15-minute blues song “Voodoo Chile“. The final track on the album, “Belly Button Window”, was Jimi’s last studio recording with vocals. It was recorded at Electric Lady Studios on August 22, 1970.

Here is perhaps the best known tune from the album, the brilliant “Angel”

“Angel” – Jimi Hendrix

Angel came down
From heaven yesterday,
Stayed with me just long enough
To rescue me….

And she told me a story yesterday;
About the sweet love
Between the moon and the deep blue sea.

Then she spread her wings high over me.
She said,Ill come back again to see you tomorrow….

And I said fly on, my sweet angel.
Fly on through the sky.
Fly on, my sweet angel.
Tomorrow Im gonna be by your side….

Sure enough,
This woman came home to me.
Silver wings silhouetted against a childs sunrise….

And my angel,
She said unto me,
today is the day for you to rise.
Take my hand, youre gonna be my mind,
And she took me high over yonder…..

And I said fly on, my sweet angel.
Fly on through the sky.
Fly on, my sweet angel.
Tomorrow Im gonna be by your side….

Here is a cover version by Rod Stewart

And one with a jazz feel by Gil Evans

“Angel” – Gil Evans

gil evans plays the music of jimi hendrix


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