Helpless Dancer

The Endless Note

Please Please Me

please please me

Well here we go off on a magical mystery tour of The Beatles back catalogue now lovingly available in remaster form.

As a starter for ten I would suggest that in the main the advanced hype has been justified, however and it is for me a big however, things are not perfect.

The early Beatles albums were released in both Mono and Stereo formats, however, the latter was at such a primitive state of development that “stereo” was in fact the instrumental background coming out of the left speaker and the vocal coming out of the right speaker which to the listener is a most unnatural way of listening to music.

The solution should be easy, buy the early remasters in Mono and enjoy the later true Stereo albums in the full majestic remastered form.

As usual though someone is out to rip off the listener…again. Whilst the stereo formats can all be bought individually or as a box set the mono versions can only be bought as a box set, more expensive than the stereo equivalent.

As such I will continue to listen to these albums via my old trust mono vinyl albums.

Now my first encounter with The Beatles was in the kitchen of my parents house in Dumbarton when I heard “She Loves You” blaring out my mother’s transistor radio, the “Yeah Yeah Yeah” caught me hook line and sinker but aged 5 or 6 is was a hook nothing more as the concept of, bands, records and all remained a few yearsoff  in the future for me.

By th time I discuvered the real world of music, not that as shown on the telly, it was the early 70’s and The Beatles were gone and pop music had progressed to become “rock”.

Yet the radio still played their catchy hits and as such I bought the compilation album “A Collection of Beatles Oldies” which was a collection of their hit singles plus a cover of Larry Williams “Bad Boy”, unavailable anywhere else at that time, it was the latter that turned out to be my favourite song from the colection.

a collection of beatles oldies

The album remains a treasured nugget in my now shrunken (though growing again!) vinyl collection.

please please me 2

The Beatles debut single “Love Me Do” was released in 1962 to an originally sedated welcome albeit still a Top 20 performer, the following single “Please Please Me” however was an instant hit and the pressure was on to deliver an album

As such the 1963 released album became a documented record of their live show of the time that being a mixture of early Lennon and McCartneycompositions and series of cover versions which amounted to six in number. It is ironic that within months, if the album had been delayed they would have been in the position to add the likes of She Loves You”, “From Me To You”, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, and All My Loving” which would have stood it in good stance to be the best debut album of all time.

For me though the first album is crystallized in the closing track their cover of “Twist and Shout” which they made their own and what to many was an integral part of the Beatlesmania soundtrack.

It was the perfect end to the album which had opened with Paul’s own rock and roller “I Saw Her Standing There”

For more information on this album click HERE

To buy The Beatles music click HERE



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