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NME Beatles Special

Well the 09/09/09 is finally upon us and as previously blogged today will see a mass of Beatles product hit the shelf.

Whilst not particularily interested in The Beatles – Rock Band the computer game I am very interested in the remastered albums and as such it’s off to Aberdeen for a gander in HMV with the possibility of an odd purchase or two

In the meantime good old NME has marked the occasion with a “Special Edition” on which they comment as follows:-

The new issue of NME is a true one-off. To mark the release of The Beatles Remasters Series, this week’s edition of the magazine has 12 different covers, one for each album.

There’s a 13th cover too – that’ll be the one commemorating ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ – which you won’t find in the shops. It’s only available from the NME Store. Although you’ll have to be quick: only 1000 copies have been printed.

To coincide with this orgy of Beatlemania, we’ve launched a poll to determine the greatest ever Beatles track. So if you’ve always preferred ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ to ‘Paperback Writer’ – and if so, what the hell is wrong with you? – now’s your chance to make your views heard.

More later on whether the new releases match the hype.


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