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I often prepare posts ahead of the date they appear and this post was due to be published on Tuesday which would have been Bonnie’s 5th birthday.

Perhaps my “Dear God” post yesterday was ill advised as last night I had to make the ultimate decision that many dog owners face and give permission for my beloved Bonnie to be put down.

For reasons unknown she suddenly lost all feeling in her hind quarters and after a visit to a local vet and a subseuent referreral to the Vet Hospital I was faced with the option of putting her through spinal surgery which could not guarantee success and could leave her partially paralysed and at best without control of her toilet facilities.

Anyone who knew Bonnie would realise that she could not cope with any such disability as she was always a 100% up at at you type of dog and as such I had to do the best I could for her and let her go.

She will now be sitting at the feet of Fiona where she always belonged.



Our dog “Bonnie” is five today.

She joined the family three years after “Blue” who was and remains without doubt a “Daddy’s Boy” as such Bonnie connected very quickly with Fiona and as a pup would constantly be at her feet.

Strange as it seems, and although she is now very close to me, she still seems to have a bond with Fiona even though she has passed away.

For days following her death she would only sit on Fiona’s chair always on the look out for Fiona coming back.

When Fiona became ill on Christmas Night and was subsequently admitted to hospital I brought her a cuddly toy dog which I had given her for her Christmas.

To this day Bonnie cherishes this as if it were her own pup.

Perhaps it is not surprising that people say dogs have a sixth sense..





“I Love My Dog “- Cat Stevens

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