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Blue Monday – Harmonica Fats

Harmonica Fats (Michael Grecco Photography Inc)

Harmonica Fats (Michael Grecco Photography Inc)

Harmonica Fats sadly passed away earlier this year.

Originally from McDade, Louisiana, Fats was the eldest son of 13 children and spent much of his childhood working on his grandparents’ farm. He would receive a new harmonica each Christmas and began to pick up the Blues from his grandparents’ record collection, which included Peatie Wheatstraw, Blind Lemon Jefferson and Sonny Terry. Although his roots were in the rural South, Fats felt the lure of the City and by 1946, he had made his way to L. A. It was 10 years later that he began performing publicly, after he mastered the harmonica during a long rehabilitation period caused by a serious auto accident. He appeared with his own band under the name “Heavy Juice” until 1961 when he made the R&B charts with the Hank Ballard song, “Tore Up” and adopted the moniker Harmonica Fats.

“Tore Up” – Harmonica Fats




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