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Today on the football fields across this country is a day for holding one’s nerve and showing commitment to the cause so this is an ideal link into a posting about “The Commitments”

This was never one of my favourite films with Roddy Doyle’s book being the better medium for what is in principle a great story.

It certainly works as a clever comedy might never seemed enough to take it to the highest level for me at least.

Perhaps it was Andrew Strong’s over powering acting and delivery of the songs which put me slightly out of sync with the movie,though you can’t deny he has a good voice so perhaps it is my “snob” attitude to the purity of the original soul and R&B writers and performers who could never be bettered.

Hopefully though the film resulted in many people tracing back and find and loving the originals as much as I do.

As they say can the white man sing the blues, or in this case, R&B, well judge for yourself, for me it is enjoyable but not inspirational.


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