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The Primevals – Sound Hole


“Sound Hole” was the 1983 debut album from Glasgow band The Primevals.

The band was formed by Michael Rooney who worked in Bloggs Records in Glasgow, the recent post on International Record Day and the resultant memories of Glasgow record stores reminded me that I hadn’t posted on this one of my all time favourite albums.

Here is some background information taken from their MySpace site which you can visit HERE

The band started in 1983, Michael Rooney had a record stall and had some friends who played in bands. He had seen loads of local bands at the time from Johnny and the Self Abusers, Dirty Reds, Cuban Heels, Fun 4 and the Subs and thought he could do something. He was friends with the Subs and a couple of years later he got ex-member Kevin Key on guitar, Malcolm MacDonald on bass and Tom Rafferty on guitar who was the first guy who was into the whole idea, along with Rhod Burnett from the Zanti Misfits/Hela and the Headhunters on drums.

We did our first gig in 1983 in Night Moves,Glasgow we had about 7 songs. We recorded a demo and then a single. By this time we solidified with John Honeyman on bass and Don Gordon on guitar. Michael then sent some new recordings to New Rose and they liked it, soon The Primevals released Eternal Hotfire a mini album on New Rose.


Malcolm came back on guitar replacing Tom and they cut a 45 ‘Living in Hell/Walk in my footsteps’ . They then recorded ‘Sound Hole’ with Tom replacing Don Gordon, toured with The Cramps in Europe then cut the ‘Live a Little’ album this time Gordon Goudie replacing Tom Rafferty.

The Primevals did record over this period, 5 sessions for BBC Radio 1 john peel (1), janice long (2) and andy kershaw(2).


They then released the live lp ‘Neon Oven’ this was originally meant for a cassette only release but was issued on lp form by 53rd & 3rd label in 1988.


A fifth record was recorded called ‘Dig’ and released in 1990 on nibelung records, germany, The Primevals ceased for some time between 1991-1999. Michael formed ‘Bean Spasm in London 1991-1993 they did 5 gigs. He returned to Glasgow and formed ‘the Fatalistics’ 1994 and played occasional gigs over a 4 year period.This was basically The Primevals playing covers by People’s Choice, Charlie Feathers and Sun Ra, etc.

The Primevals began playing under their name again in 2000 and have played live only occasionally during this time. Michael played a few shows 2003-5 year period with Breakdown 99.

Here is my favourite track from Sound Hole

“Saint Jack” – The Primevals

In 2006 a compilation album “The Red Eye” was released which you can still purchase HERE


The Primevals

The Primevals

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Sunday Jazz – Lester Young and Teddy Wilson


This album “Pres and Teddy” is another of my Sunday listening favourites.

Lester Young

Lester Young

Lester Young is without doubt one of the masters of the tenor sax, here he is identified via his nickname “Pres” which is short for “President” given to him by Billie Holiday.

Teddy Wilson

Teddy Wilson

Theodore Shaw “Teddy” Wilson was a jazz pianist who graced many a record by the all time greats.

For me this 1956 release was one of the highlights from two great careers.

“All Of Me” -The Lester Young and Teddy Willson Quartet

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