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Easter – Patti Smith


Easter Monday gives me a great excuse to post about my favourite Patti Smith album “Easter”….yes I do prefer it to “Horses” though it is a close call.

The album was released in 1978 and is perhaps best known for the song “Because The Night”

The original song was recorded by Bruce Springsteen during sessions for his Darkness on the Edge of Town album. The Patti Smith Group was working on Easter in the studio next door, and the bands were exchanging tapes; Springsteen even composed some songs in the other band’s style. With male-centered lyrics and a reported Latin feel, the original version of the song – a workingman’s lament – wasn’t finding a place on the Springsteen album. Smith took the song and recast it from a female perspective, and it was included on Easter, becoming the first single release from that album. Though it was never released on a Springsteen studio album, in concert beginning with his Darkness Tour Springsteen would often perform the song with his original lyrics, borrowing Smith’s rock arrangement. The only commercially-released recording of a Springsteen version of the song was included on Live/1975–85

Now for my favourite track from the album for the players and management of Dumbarton FC here is “‘Till Victory”

“‘Till Victory” – Patti Smith Group

Raise the sky.
We got to fly over the land, over the sea.
Fate unwinds and if we die, souls arise.
God, do not seize me please, till victory.

Take arms. Take aim. Be without shame
No one to bow to, to vow to, to blame.
Legions of light, virtuous flight. Ignite, excite.

And you will see us coming, V formation, through the sky.
Film survives. Eyes cry.
On the hill, hear us call through a realm of sound.
Oh, oh-oh. Down and down.
Down and round, oh, down and round.
Round and round, oh, round and round.

Rend the veil and we shall sail.
The nail, the grail: That’s all behind thee.
In deed, in creed, the curve of our speed.
And we believe that we will raise the sky.
We got to fly over the land, over the sea.
Fate unwinds and if we die, souls arise.
God, do not seize me please, till victory.

Victory. Till victory. [repeat]


For more information on Patti Smith click HERE

To buy Patti Smith music click HERE


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