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Sunday Jazz – Gene Ammons


As I have said before I came to jazz relatively late in life, I was in my mid twenties when I finally discovered that some jazz ticked my box.

Whilst in Glasgow I visited a specialist second hand record store which specialised in jazz and blues, as usual now no longer there, and explained that I was just getting the hang of jazz and could they point me in the right direction to some starter albums.

Half an hour later I was off home with six albums under my arm, three of which remain firm favourites with me.

I have already posted on Miles Davis’s “Kind of Blue” recently when it was re-released in an extremely expansive (and expensive) box set, but the first jazz album that I listened to extensively was this 1960 classic.


Gene Ammons is often regarded by the jazz world as a bit of a hybrid his tenor sax playing being a nod to both Coleman Hawkins and another of my personal favourites Lester Young, the hard and soft in the business of sax playing.

The adoption of both these styles is evidenced on this record, the opening track “Hittin’ The Jug” is as smooth and delicate as many Lester classics. You can listen to it below together with “My Romance” also from the album.

“Hittin’ The Jug” – Gene Ammons

“My Romance” – Gene Ammons

To buy Gene Ammons music click HERE


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