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Danny Wilson was Gary Clark


Gary Clark was of course the mainstay in 80’s band Danny Wilson I have been meaning to post something regarding his music for a long time.

Today on browsing through some of my favourite blogs I was pleased to see Gary in his various disguises appear in a post within the brilliant The Vinyl District blog.

You can obtain MP3’s of the folowing tracks for a short period only by clicking HERE


“Mary’s Prayer” – Danny Wilson


“Imaginary Girl” – Danny Wilson


“Any Sunday Morning” – Gary Clark


“Saturday Night” – Gary Clark (Live Cover of Blue Nile song)


“Life After You” – King L

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Soul Saturday


Confined to Chez Dancer today due to a dodgy couple of fritters late last night which decided to act as a catalyst to cleanse my system.

On top of that as predicted yesterday the good old DVLA have failed to deliver the paperwork for the new car so also Carless In Houston.

So time for a little soul to soothe my soul.

When the name Ella is mentioned it is normally associated with Fitzgerald, however the world of soul had it’s own Ella one Ella Washington


An outstanding Southern soul vocalist, Ella Washington was another performer whose style was so raw and intense that it had little chance of attracting any attention outside the R&B world.

She also recorded for various small labels who were never able to break her songs, even within the soul arena. Her best material was done in the late ’60s and early ’70s, much of it produced by legendary disc jockey John Richbourg, for Monument’s Sound Stage 7 label.

Washington had one single, “The Grass Is Greener,” leased to Atlantic from Octavia, but her 1969 self-titled LP didn’t fare well, although she got good response from the single “He Called Me Baby/Stop Giving Your Man Away.” ~

Ron Wynn, All Music Guide


A new compilation named after her most famous song  “He Called Me Baby” was released earlier this year which can be purchased HERE

Here are a couple of tracks.

“He Called Me Baby” – Ella Washington (1968)

“The Grass Is Always Greener – Ella Washington (1967)


Ella Washington

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