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New News – Neil Young


Neil Young has delayed the release of his expansive “The Archives Vol. 1” once again – but is releasing new material from his vaults instead.

“Archives”, scheduled to be released on January 27 2009, has been put back until April or May next year, while “Toast”, an album with Crazy Horse, will be released in its place.

Recorded seven years ago, the album, which will be released in 5.1 stereo, features some songs that made it on to 2001’s “Are You Passionate?”, including “Goin’ Home”, alongside unreleased work.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about the release, Young said: “It’s a mind-blowing record, and I don’t think it’s a commercial record, but it’s great rock and roll, very moody, kind of jazzy.

“It was recorded in the same place where Coltrane was recorded, so there’s a lot of heavy stuff in there. All of the live ambience for everything was all recorded, so the whole thing has got a massive sound about it.”

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Alternative Christmas (3) Glasvegas

Glasvegas‘s self titled debut album was one of the most talked up releases of the year, a mix of Velvet Underground, JAMC and Phil Spector the vocals of James Allan were, like his football skills, an acquired taste.

Whilst not yet ready for a full blown secind album James & Co fall the now industry standard of re-releasing the now ailing debut album as a “Deluxe Addition” with the newly recorded Christmas EP as the new attraction.

Here is the EP title track “A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)

and my favourite “Please Baby Come Back Home”

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New Music – Bon Iver


Bon Iver’s debut album “For Emma Wherever Ago” was an unexpected surprise which happens every now and then in the music industry whereby an unknown artist gets a bit of luck and finds his latest opus at the centre of a media frenzy.

Bon Iver is the name of indie folk singer-songwriter Justin Vernon‘s current band and most notable music project to date. The band now consists of Mike Noyce and Sean Carey. The name, Bon Iver, is an Anglicization of the French “bon hiver” (good winter). Vernon independently released Bon Iver’s debut album, For Emma, Forever Ago in 2008, the majority of which was recorded while spending three months in a remote cabin in Wisconsin.

After the breakup of a band, relationship, and bout with sickness, Vernon left Raleigh and moved back to Wisconsin spending three months in his father’s cabin in the woods of northern Wisconsin. He did not intend to write or record any music during the time but rather to recuperate from the events of the previous year. Eventually a record began to evolve during this cathartic time of isolation.[8]

Vernon had recently finished helping the band The Rosebuds do some recording and had with him some basic recording gear when he made his move to the cabin. Vernon played all the instruments during recording and each song was heavily edited with a large number of overdubs. Vernon wrote most of the lyrics for the album by recording a word-less melody and listening to the recording over and over and writing words according to the sound of the syllables of the melody.[6]

The record was almost not released and was originally intended as a group of demos to be sent out to labels and potentially rerecorded. But after getting very encouraging reactions from a number his friends, Vernon decided to release the songs himself in their present state [6] After significant positive reception, helped by word of mouth and its popularity throughout the blogosphere, Vernon decided to sign to the indie label Jagjaguwar which subsequently gave the album a proper release.[9]

Since being released by Jagjaguwar on February 19, 2008, For Emma, Forever Ago has garnered critical acclaim. [10] The album was released in the UK and Europe by iconic indie label 4AD on May 12, 2008.[11]

When released in the UK, For Emma, Forever Ago received 5/5 and “Album of the Month” reviews in both MOJO and Uncut magazines. It is currently the third highest rated album of 2008 on review-aggregator site Metacritic, with accolades from publications including The Village Voice, The Hartford Courant and The A.V. Club.[12]

Bon Iver’s track “The Wolves (Act I and II)” was featured in season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy on May 15, 2008 in the episode “Losing My Mind,” and later, “Skinny Love” was used in the series’ season 5 premier. The track “Re: Stacks” was played during the season 4 finale “Wilson’s Heart” of the TV show House M.D. on May 19, 2008. On September 8, 2008, Bon Iver made their debut performance on national TV with the track “Flume” as guests on NBC’s Late Night with Conan O’Brien. The digital download track “Skinny Love” was selected to be iTunes (UK) single of the week and was available for free during that time, as well as being featured as the track of the day on National Public Radio. “Skinny Love” was also featured at the end of an episode of Chuck on October 13, 2008

The follow up to such a unique release and success is always difficult and Bon Iver is taking that first half step in January 2009 with the release of an EP “Blood Bank”




Here is the title track

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