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Kind of Blue – So What


Miles Davis released his definitive album Kind of Bue in August 1959 yet this month we are blessed with a “50th Anniversary” box set edition which includes everything but a Miles kitchen sink.



This was the album that was my gateway into the world of jazz. I found it to be a world which contained great music but also contained a great deal of music which was to my ears unlistenable, even the albums I do like often sound to Mrs D like five people playing five separate songs!

Jazz fanatics tend to be dedicated to the genre and listen to nothing but jazz, my musical tastes are too liberal to be restricted by such a culture.

Jazz to me features in many of my playlists and if you embrace the jazz vocalist into the genre such as Billie, Ella, Nina et all then it will account for many an hour of enjoyable listening.

So here is perhaps one of the best known openings to an album and song the classic that is “So What”

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Robert Johnson Follow Up


Given the big interest in my recent post regarding the long lost third photo here now is the long lost MTV Video!

Again via The Word

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Make Your Guitar Talk

If you thought Peter Frampton was bad check this out

You can thank The Word magazine for the joy that is Pete Drake

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From Indiefolkforever

Dear Friends of Odetta,

On behalf of Odetta’s adopted daughter Michelle Esrick and her niece Jan Ford (in California), I would like to share with you – Odetta’s large extended family of brothers and sisters – the current health crisis in her life. On Saturday, she went into Lenox Hill Hospital for a check-up and IV nourishment. However, on Sunday evening she went into kidney failure, and we were told that the next 24 hours would determine if she would survive.

Miraculously, she made it through that emergency, but is still listed in critical condition. I was on the road when she went in the hospital and rushed back on Sunday. Jan and I are thankful that Michelle was here and has been by Odetta’s side every moment of this ordeal.

Odetta believes she is going to sing at Obama’s Inauguration, and I believe that is the reason she is still alive. She has a big poster of Barack Obama taped on the wall across from her bed. Her old heart has already outperformed and lasted far beyond the expectations of the heart specialists who treated her in January-March 2007 when she had her last health crisis while touring out West. Now compounded with the kidney failure, the doctors at the hospital are trying to do everything possible to stabilize her system and prevent the weakening of her other organs. They have her on dialysis now to rid the body of the toxic poisons that have built up, and it seems to be slowly working. She is sleeping a lot, but after a dialysis treatment and some food, she is coherent and talking. She is not in pain. We are told that she will be in the ICU Unit for at least another week, and that we’ll just have to wait and see after that.
All of you are well aware of Odetta’s indomitable spirit. Accordingly, I wouldn’t bet against her singing for Barack in January!

Here she is with Water Boy

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