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After a spat with a DMCA Notice regarding my post on Rodrigo y Gabriela I am now back on line.

It is ironic that this particular artists music should be so heavily monitred by “Big Brother” as if it wasn’t for the widespread distribution by bloggers of their appearance on Jools Holland a couple of years ago they may still be busking in the streets instead od delivering a live album as they can’t come up with any new material.

Perhaps I am being unfair on the artists it is likely that instructions come via their management or record company, however I am sure such post do more good than harm and I for one have purchased a hell of a ot of music which I first sampled via blogs either by listening to posted tracks or downloading mp3’s.

Needless to say we seem to be in the season for DMCA notices as there has been a series of such instances even within the limited sphere of blogs that I visit.

Big Brother more than ever is watching….beware

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law which implements two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures (commonly known as Digital Rights Management or DRM) that control access to copyrighted works and it also criminalizes the act of circumventing an access control, whether or not there is actual infringement of copyright itself. In addition, the DMCA heightens the penalties for copyright infringement on the Internet. Passed on October 12, 1998 by a unanimous vote in the U.S. Senate and signed into law by President Bill Clinton on October 28, 1998, the DMCA amended Title 17 of the United States Code to extend the reach of copyright, while limiting the liability of the providers of on-line services for copyright infringement by their users.

On May 22, 2001, the European Union passed the EU Copyright Directive or EUCD, which addresses some of the same issues as the DMCA. But the DMCA’s principal innovation in the field of copyright, the exemption from direct and indirect liability of internet service providers and other intermediaries (Title II of the DMCA), was separately addressed, and largely followed, in Europe by means of the separate Electronic Commerce Directive. (Unlike U.S. federal laws and regulations, the execution of European Union directives usually requires separate legislation by or within each of the Union’s member states.)

It is “Taping Kills Music” all over again

This is not a Social Crisis…..just “Another Tricky Day” for you

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