Helpless Dancer

The Endless Note

John Entwistle (Gone But Not Forgotten)

October 9, 1944 – June 27, 2002

9th October 1944 – 27th June 2002

“5:15” The Who Live At The Royal Albert Hall

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Cover Story – The Clash

With The Clash back in the limelight via the release of their “Live At Shea Stadium” album I thought the time is right for a Clash post.

As their 1979 double album “London Calling” ( “the best album of the 80’s…….quoted Rolling Stone) is in my Top 10 all time favourite albums it would have been easy to make that the subject of the post.

One of the reasons that album and the subsequent triple album “Sandinista” pressed my button was the fact that the band were willing to progress beyond their “punk” origins but were equally willing to wear their hearts and souls on their sleeves through a series of cover versions which promoted their love of rockabily and reggae.

Even on their punk fueled debut album their cover of Junior Murvins “Police and Thieves” seemed so appropriate.

“Police and Thieves” – Junior Murvin [MP3]

Next up from “THe Cost Of Living EP” is a great cover of the Bobby Fuller Four hit “I Fought The Law”

“I Fought The Law” – Bobby Fuller Four [MP3]

Next up from “London Calling” the storming Vince Taylor hit “Brand New Cadillac”

“Brand New Cadillac” – Vince Taylor [MP3)


Back to more reggae and from “sandanista” here is Willi Williams “Armagedion Time”

“Armagideon Time” – Willi Williams [MP3}

Watch out for Part Two which will focus on covers of Clash songs.

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Who’s Who

Tribute bands are all the rage, you just need to look at the “Live Ads” pages in the music mags to see the numerous such bands that are on the road.

Almost every major act of the 60’s, 70’s and into the 80’s have a tribute band earning a wage off their respective name and catalogue.

The market is hot for such acts due in part to the high ticket arena prices charged by the big acts and the gaps between tours, however, it must be recognised that the top tribute bands are in the own way all excellent musicians and more often than not will put on a quality show.

The Australian Pink Floyd are now the only real option for Floydites to see some real action and whilst my own favourite band The Who do tour and do despite being down to only two original members still put on a good show if you want to be transported back to the late 60’s or early 70’s then it’s worth catching “Who’s Who”

Check out “Who’s Who”

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