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Music From The 50’s – The Johnny Burnette Trio

The Johnny Burnette Trio

The Johnny Burnette Trio

John Joseph Burnette was a true pioneer of the Rockabily sound, born in 1934 he died in 1964, the trio in it’s best known form came together in 1956 they were allegedly turned down by Sun Records for sounding too like Elvis.

With the rise to fame in the 1960s of groups like the The Beatles and The Yardbirds, with their professed admiration for The Rock and Roll Trio, interest in the group was rekindled. The Beatles would cover the trio’s songs (Lonesome Tears In My Eyes and Honey Hush in particular) at live gigs and on BBC radio. The Yardbirds, when Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page were part of the lineup, were said to have practically made a career out of covering the Trio’s songs, particularly with “The Train Kept A Rollin” and their own rewrite of that song, “Stroll On”. “Stroll On” was featured in the 1966 Michelangelo Antonioni film “Blow Up”, which starred David Hemmings.

The Yardbirds went on to record a cover of this version of “The Train Kept A-Rollin'”

“The Train Kept A-Rollin;” – Johnny Burnette Trio [MP3]

This version of “Lonesome Train” supports the Elvis comparisons.

“Lonesome Train” – The Johnny Burnette Trio [MP3]


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