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Dreamsville - Carol Kidd

Dreamsville - Carol Kidd


Showcasing Great American Songbook favourites plus a brace of previously unrecorded originals, “Dreamsville” is Carol Kidd’s first recording in seven years and marks 25 years of recording for Linn Records. From its supremely gentle and immensely touching opening, a slow-motion It Never Entered My Mind, to the plaintive ballad When I Dream by Nashville-based songwriter Sandy Mason, “Dreamsville” is one of the most finely crafted collection of songs you’ll hear this year. “When I Dream” is, of course, something of a signature tune for Kidd, and this new version is the most lyrical and enchanting you could wish for, recordings by Crystal Gayle, Willie Nelson and Nanci Griffith notwithstanding.

Kidd also treats us to a trio of interrogatory classics – How Deep is the Ocean?, How Long Has This Been Going On? and Can’t We Be Friends?. Everything sounds effortless, the singer’s golden timbre and legato phrasing serving interpretations that sweep you up in their tender embrace. With its constant shifts between major and minor, Cole Porter’s It’s Alright With Me provides a sudden adrenaline rush amidst the largely ballad-driven set. Kidd gets to flex her majestic upper register and doesn’t hold back. Penned by the singer and guitarist Nigel Clark – one of an outstanding quartet of supporting musicians – the two originals There Goes My Heart and Do You Believe sit happily alongside the standards.

Ahead of her forthcoming comeback album, legendary Scottish jazz singer Carol Kidd has been interviewed in The Sunday Post.

The revealing feature lifted the lid the career of the “well-loved singer who has sold thousands of albums and appeared on the bill with Frank Sinatra”. It details her “rags to riches” rise from Glasgow’s East End to her high profile in Asia where she is known as “The Diva”. It goes on to mention her high profile appearances with the late Sir Humphrey Lyttelton and Tony Bennett, describing her story as “like the plot of a movie”.

The piece also touches on her family life and she talks candidly about the loss of her partner John Mackay in 2003 and how a move to Majorca has given her inspiration to sing and write songs once again, following an enforced break on health grounds.

“I sit on my terrace and watch the incredible sight of the sun dipping into the sea…then I go in and sit at my laptop and start writing. I’m more comfortable than I’ve ever been.”

Of her singing technique, Carol states that “when I was young my voice was compared to Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan. But as I progressed as a singer I found my own voice. Now, hopefully, I sound just like Carol Kidd”.

In summation, the article states “And that’s a sound thousands of her fans still want to hear”.

“Dreamsville” is released on Monday 13 October 2008.

Here are two tracks from the album:-

“When I Dream”


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With A Little Help From Our Friends

How many times have you listened to a song and have developed your own version of the lyrics due to not picking up what has actually been written and sung?

The above song is obviously very famous and it’s lyrics were featured on the album sleeve, however if you were to hear the song for the first time via Joe Cocker’s live 1969 Woodstock version you may need the sub-titles as per the video below.

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Stay Positive

I posted earlier this year on my other blog (see link) about this Hold Steady song in relation to the start of the new football season almost as a call to arms for other fans of Dumbarton FC.

It is strange how pereceptions change as the title phrase “Stay Positive” has now become the buzz word amongst family and friends.

Mrs D starts radiotherapy next week and without doubt we will stay positive, positivity and hope are all we can cling to at present.

Stay Positive - The Hold Steady

Stay Positive - The Hold Steady

I got a lot of old friends that are getting back in touch
And it’s a pretty good feeling, yeah, it feels pretty good
I get a lot of double takes when I’m coming round the corners
And it’s mostly pretty nice, yeah, it’s mostly pretty all right.
‘Cause most kids give me credit for being down with it
When it was back in the day, back when things were way different
When the Youth of Today and the early 7 Seconds
Taught me some of life’s most valuable lessons.

There’s gonna come a time when the scene will seem less sunny
And they’ll probably get too druggy and the kids will seem too skinny
There’s gonna come a time when she’s gonna have to go
With whoever’s gonna get her the highest.
There’s gonna come a time when the true scene leaders
Forget where they differ and get big picture.
‘Cause the kids at the shows, they’ll have kids of their own
Their sing-along songs will be our scriptures.

We gotta stay positive x4

When the chaperone crowned us the king and the queen
I knew that we’d arrived at a unified scene
And all those little lambs from my dreams,
Well they were there too.
‘Cause it’s one thing to start it with a positive jam
And it’s another thing to see ’em through.
And we couldn’t even done this if it wasn’t for you.
We gotta stay postiive x3


For our friends and family.

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